As a resident of San Antonio for more than 30 yrs Dr. Milnor has always considered
the ever-growing area  "the big city with a small town feel".  The sense of community
and welcoming nature of the residents have always made it home.   
A lifelong athlete, Dr. Milnor spends a generous amount of time in the Texas Hill Country.  Having been
a cyclist for 35 years he has seen many a mile of beautiful hill country road and as a veteran
waterskiier has been able to experience the grandeur of a hill country sunset from the water.
He embarked on his first triathlon at the age of 41 and was hooked.  Currently a two-time
ironman finisher, triathlon has now become a way of life.
He is the proud father of three great kids.  


Parker College of Chiropractic
Trinity University